Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Presonal work

Imaginined record collection project

This project help devolop my imaginative visual language , exploreing how playfull activity of hand made sleeve of which art can become a fertile place for innovation in the visual vocabulary. i am to produce album cover as an imagined popstar, i have used unique collages, oil paint, print screen media to produce this image of the album covers.

Dream Dictionary

I have produced a mixed-media fold out limited edition phamphlet based on some of the interpretation sin Tim Etchells moder dream dictionary. I have used printmakiing as a means of a suitable language for my images

illustrated news project

This project takes us back to a stage befor photography was widely accessible newspapers required artists to illustrate stories. in this project i wiil collect newsstand headlines and illustrate stories with out research and also include the text from the original headlines.


myth takes the language of serendipity and makes it monumental

i am creating an 8 image african myth, this idea is base on my experinces in africa mainly i am also going to incoroprate my ideas in forming a group with orther student to perform, based on the myth using hand made props and the scenery which will be performed at a private viewing.