The life philosophy in words of wisdom, quotes, poems and literature of Rasheed Kayode Bushura
Every day quotes page 1
1) Always trust people who are searching for truth never trust some who claims his found.
2) "Do not follow the ideas and believe systems of others but learn to listen to your inner voice, internal wisdom. Do and follow what makes you happy, your bliss. You have a grate mind like any great man/woman. You have to believe in self and your abilities to succeed do not listen to the fears and insecurities of others."-R K Bushura 
4) I am one physically in and with art, I am one mind with my conceptualised paintings, my hart and soul are connected in one with my craft, I am life and life is art. What are you and what is life to you. If you can confidently answer you on the right track if not do not worry find and connect with what life can be to you. What gives you joy in doing and makes you happy. - R K Bushura  
5) Success comes from doing what makes you happy. You must love what you are doing only then shall you become successful. Do not become a being only after success, pursue a being of value. Only then shall your susses be of worth. - R K Bushura 
6) Is what you are currently doing directing you to your ideal goals in life?. If not is distracting and taking you away from what success is, If yes carry on. -R K Bushura
7) The worst days of those who take pleasure in what they do are better than the best days of those who don't. We are ment to be masters of our reality, not victims of fate. -R K Bushura 
8) Nothing spectacular has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe in the power within is superior to any circumstance.-R K Bushura 
9)What you attain by achieving your goals in life is not as essential as what you become by achieving your goals. - R K Bushura 
10) It's absolutely essential not to be afraid of making mistakes, failing or appearing naive. Failure is a part of success, You have to embrace failure, They are life tuition fees to wisdom. I have failed many times but I keep on going. - R K Bushura 
11) You will either move forwards into increase with self believe and faith or you will move backwards into safety and mediocrity with Your fears. - R K Bushura 
12) I have realised that every one even the grate and successfully fear and are depress at times. Its really mind over matter in what ever circumstance . There are no perfect human beings, we have heard of avatars, buddha's messiah's, saints, entrepreneurs and leaders they are uncommon and do not come often. And yet these very same people can at times could have been perceived to be boring, irritating, selfish, angry, or depressed. To avoid disillusionment with human nature, we must first give up our illusions about it. We have been made in the image and likeness of the creator let's take control of our life's and become the embodiment of the Gods we are. - R K Bushura 
Every day quotes page 2 
13) After one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them success is only half the victory. Fulfilment comes when even the most tedious every day chores become endurable as you progress through life convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams. - R K Bushura 
14) Do what is right, what you love, not what you think society perception of good nor what you think will make you look good. Do what make you happy out of love for one and all - R K Bushura 
15) Imagination is the preview of life's forth coming attractions - R K Bushura 
16) “The universe is your blank canvas you are the artist, creator just create, paint your reality and future as you desire.” - Rasheed Kayode Bushura 
17) “A mans thoughts complimented by his feelings is the manifestation of his reality.” - Rasheed Kayode Bushura 18) “A mind focused on a desired goal shall achieve or die in the process nevertheless the man was a living conscious success.”Rasheed Kayode Bushura 
19) “ You create your desired reality by the conception of thought in believe through faith or fear which then manifest in a materialised physical Existence.- Just create” - R K Bushura 
20) You can't leave a lasting legacy on earth if you're not true to your self. If you believe the lie your not worth more than you have become and you settle for mediocrity. 
21) Change from mediocracy and comfort. You can only progress if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable. When having to trying new things to get a different results from were you are. You have to change, do some thing deferent for a better result. - R K Bushura 
22) Are you making steps to achieving your goals or are you just merely dreaming about them. Take steps of faith and believe in self towards your destiny - R. Kayode Bushura 
23) The universe acts as your jinni with your every command. The creator in you manifest your dominate thoughts and feelings as the Command in this physical reality. - R K BUSHURA 
 24) A sailor without a destination cannot hope for a favourable wind with no direction, no goals nor aims the see shall take you were ever, take control and set goals. - R K BUSHURA 
 25) "The world began when I was born and ends when I die. Nothing is real in this world but what I make real. Nothing matters but what I make matter. This world is what you make it, make the world don't let it make you." - R K Bushura 
Every day quotes page 3 
26) Statist society promises you happiness in exchange for the better part of your freedom. In life you are not guaranteed a silver spoon but you are GOD over your emotions and your future circumstances. While a civil society merely guarantees your freedom. happiness is always up to you.- R K Bushura 
27) "A major cause of failure in human nature is the habit of giving up when one is overtaken by temporary defeat and setbacks. while the successful continue on." R K BUSHURA 
28) One of our great mistakes is to judge people by their intentions rather than the result of their action -R K Bushura 
 29)"Every circumstance in your life, happened for a good reason. There is good in every thing even if it seems bad at first. Your job is to find the goodness in it." -R K BUSHURA
Independence living / self made 
30) "Motivated by others made by others. Self motivated self made."- R K Bushura 
31) The one that makes you can break you. -R K BUSHURA 
32) You don't need no one, do it your self. Your family, partner or friends are ment to enhance what's already their. Not make you. -R K BUSHURA  
33) One in life should not fully depend on another after age of independency even a partner. Bot as independent beings form a union to better each others life's together. Your existence should never be dependent on another. - R K BUSHURA 
34) Do not fear or conform in having unconventional opinions, for every opinion now accepted was once unaccepted by the masses - R Kayode Bushura 
35) Never leave what could be done, that needs to be done today till tomorrow -R K BUSHURA 
36) "The greatest thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today. And that's how I look at my life. I will be better as a golfer, I will be better as a person, I will be better as a father, I will be a better husband, I will be better as a friend. That's the beauty of tomorrow. There is no such thing as a setback. The lessons I learn today I will apply tomorrow, and I will be better". -- Tiger Woods
 "Tomorrow in my today, I shall be a better man, better father, better son, better artist, better lover and a better friend. A Buda through arts an asset to humanity". - R. kayode Bushura 
Every day qouets page 4
37) Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. -- Hyman Rickover  wealthy rich upper class minds conceive and discuss innovations and great ideas. Middle class minds discuss great events and moments in life. Mean while the poor lower class mearly marvel on great people. -R Kayode Bushura 38) Life is a University which is free to exist, to make choices, to make mistakes and to experience. Learn from it. -R.K. Bushura 
39) "A mans ability to learn and translate the learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate mark of success. which makes the wisdom in a man the application of knowledge." -R. Kayode Bushura 
40) "In evolution only the strongest (mentally), those that can adapt and evolve to thire new and ever changing surrounding shall survive."-R K Bushura 
If what you are doing in life is not working for you CHANGE it. 
41) " The ability to lead others first starts from the control and leadership of self the day to day actions and self actualisation." - R.K. Bushura  
42) "Actions speaks louder than wards, don't waste your breath announcing were your going or what's really important to you. How you live your life and spend your time says it all." -R K Bushura  
43) There is one weakness in people for which there is no remedy. It is the universal weakness of lack of ambition. -- Napoleon Hill
 I am disciplined, determined, and dedicated to my ideal artistic ambitions of success. Lack takes no place in my consciousness. - R K Bushura 
44) Fear of failure is comfort to mediocrity. If you're not failing from time to time, you're not pushing yourself. And if you're not pushing yourself. you're not evolving - R K Bushura 
45) Take care of your physical temple. The soul must experience life and see through those eyes alone, and if they are blind, the whole world is perceived in darkness. -R. K. Bushura  
 46) "You can have what ever you need as long as you are not in the need energy of it. You can have whatever you want as long as your not sending of the want vibration. Only if in the feeling place of expectation, Receiving and gratitude of it." -R K Bushura
Every day quotes page 5 My daily tablets; from 25th Oct 11
47) One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man's familiarity with the word "impossible." -- Napoleon Hill.
  I have eliminated the thoughts and words of can't to HOW CAN I. Impossible to HOW CAN it be possible, fear to HOPE. -R.K. Bushura  
48)HOW CAN I become the epiphany of an holistic success I envision?.were do I need to be?, who do I need to meet?,what do I need to do ?,what do I need to know?and what or who do I need to become?.)- R. K. Bushura 
49)"The only worthy and reliable method of accumulating and legally attaining wealth in abundance is the act of formulating great ideas and providing valuable products and services to enrich the life's of man kind." - R. K Bushura 
50)"The thoughts in a mans mind is what becomes the daily habits and experiences upon which reality is created. The change to a positive mental attitude will alter the future habits and experiences of the man. The worst of mans enemies is a Fearful mind in which could be effectively healed by the consciousness of it, and a forced repetition of acts of courage." - R. kayode Bushura 
51)At the end of each day we should reflect on accounts of the; infirmities mastered? What passions opposed? What temptations resisted? What virtues acquired and Visualising self in ideal future circumstances. The key is not to beat your self up but learning from even the adversities and mistakes of each day. - R K Bushura 
52)Some people are parked up still and some people are going places, always on the move on a focused destination. Were are you going and when are you going to start the journey. Time waits for no man but man waits for the right time. The time is now. - R K Bushura  
53)The only reliable and guarantied form of retirement is a self-made one. -- R K Bushura 
54)The world will never see a star and genius we all are, which its innate within. If you do not firstly see it in your self. - R K Bushura 
55)Impossible is nothing, nothing to fear but the concept of fear it self. R K Bushura  
56)A successful man must develop the courage of an individual but conscious of the oneness of all things. You can't be a leaders if you are submissive to believes, concepts and philosophy's of others always rediscover your self never stay mentally static, apply what works for you. You have an obligation to evolve, cant add value or make futile contribution to mankind unless you do this. - R K Bushura : 2/11/11
Every day quotes page 6, My daily tablets; from 3nov 11
57) Before you go bed tonight, visualise a perfect tomorrow notting happens by accident, but by the minds thoughts on possibilities of our future circumstances wether that may be of good or dad, your choice of thoughts. - R K Bushura 
58) There is no shame in making mistakes but there is in not learning from them. Those experiences are your paid tuitions for the great lessons of life.- R K Bushura 
59) I appreciate all the struggles lived and mistakes made in my life, they are what got me were I am, conscious of were am going, whats desired and future experiences to look forwards to. - R K Bushura 
60) I have studied hundreds of stories of successful people who started were I was and got to were they desired, were am going, were am at. They all said the same things the power is in your 'passion', 'optimism' and 'self believe.' Apply these lessons in your life and success is inevitable in what ever your field of endeavour. -R K Bushura  
61) "There is no greater fulfilment of desire or gratification than achieving success through our labour of love, honest dealing and adding value in the view that, for our gains those we provide services and products should gain equally."-R K Bushura 
62) No words could encapsulate or express the feelings I embody, when my Arts are were they should be. When it does and its doing what it is meant to.- R K Bushura 63) A man should have an abundant of wealth on his mind as long as there is love in his heart. - R K Bushura 
64) Were we are going is as and more important than were we are. Who and what we are becoming is as and more important than what we are. Tomorrow is giving to does who plan for it today. focus on your desired goals, be happy for today, it's the results of yesterday's dominate thoughts and believes, created within. -R K Bushura 
65) Nothing in life is compered to the experience of love and joy expressed at the mere sight of my presence, in my kids. - R K Bushura 
66) "The greatest lesson in life comes from the application of knowledge obtained from failing, from which the experiences had made us the wiser, when rising every time we fall." - R K Bushura 
67) Giving the diverse society we live, it's unavoidable offending people at times. If you don't mean it, apologize. When you do mean it, accept the consequences. Don't beat your self up when you don't and move on. Your stress and worries had never changed any circumstances and never will. - R K Bushura
Every day quotes page 7, My daily tablets; 
68) The masse of people tern to have believes that are limiting and of lack (95%). While only a few men have abundance in mind (5%). Change your believe system if it's not working for you. It's shapes your reality, becomes the philosophy in which manifest the circumstances that you experiences. Believes can change through positive repetition. -R K Bushura 
69) We are what we eat, see or read, hear and listen to, let's make sure we control what goes in our mind most importantly they become believes systems ether feeding your fears or hopes. feed your mind daily through elevating information via audio tapes, reading, auto suggestion and affirmations. With these processes your mind shall inevitable expand. -R K Bushura 
70) Giving any worthwhile meaningful thing in your life everything you got. Nomater the outcome can never make you a loser. And when you give less than, you can't expect the making of a winner. -R K Bushura 
71) I find my greatest pleasure in the passion of fatherhood and my response to the world through my arts & craft so my reward in the work, precedes mans personification of success. - R K Bushura 
72) A fashion statement is deliberately being your self for the purpose of the freeness and inner expression. What does yours say about you.- R K Bushura  
73) Never ever, ever give up in a labour of love were your success lys especially knowing, man is more powerfully beyond human comprehension. One who succeeds never gives up, but finds the love in perseverance for a desired outcome.- R K Bushura 
74a) 'I know nothing but what I Am' 
 "I know it all, I have found the truth i was seeking all my life, as a little boy in Africa, I thought London was in the clouds prior to my experience of it, later thought God was a superior being from above, particularly of an exaggeration human physic, whom went by a specific name of a Race and culture of a people prior to my overstanding of it. Numerous of times, thought I new the purpose of life prior to my consciousness of it. I learnt from religious theology and studied many creation stories. I had learned from ancient worlds and studied history. I learned the sciences and studied the quantum world of physics. I thought I became learned informing my arts practice many times over. I have now come to realise I no nothing but what I AM, which was what i was at birth and when I depart. I care not in knowing nothing else but to study what's within, nor for any thing else but to be in appreciation of what I have and yet to become. A reality of my own deliberate making."- R K Bushura 6/11/11 
75) " it's not just about my victory nor paragon, It's about my choices of living. I shall persevere and choose never a victim of Race, Gender, Class, Age or Geography but a victim of a magnificent obsession of becoming a champion, even if left absolutely vulnerable. a pursuit in happiness. -R K Bushura